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Iedereen is welkom bij All Stars Boxing Club. Iedere bokser heeft een ander doel en een andere achtergrond, boksen is voor iedereen. Van recreant, aspirant tot wedstrijdbokser. Het is geweldig een bokser te zijn.

Boxer Profile:
Name: Django
Age: 26
Nationality: Dutch
Originally from: Amsterdam
Occupation: work planner for electricity company/ boxing trainer
Level of boxing: Advanced
Years of boxing: five
Other hobbies (aside from boxing): watching movies, playing games and eating.


Django… our All Stars Boxing super star! Two times champion at North Holland, currently boxing for Elite A Class, 69 kg. category. From day one he felt intensely driven towards the sports, sometimes not being able to go a few days without throwing some punches. He initially started his trainings with Thomas to unlearn some techniques he had taken from kickboxing, break the habit out of them and build up a strong foundation on the basic boxing techniques. On the first and second year Thomas broke him down and built him up, he says. As he refined his technique and got more and more into the game he understood that boxing requires more than just “hitting hard”. Everything starts from the feet up, and Thomas helped him to zoom into the technique and in his body movements, is the highest priority during his trainings. As he physically felt stronger in his shoes, his confidence and self-awareness also grew. Just like when throwing punches, when you make a decision you stand by it, you don’t re-think it or hesitate on it, and he felt this reflected in all aspects of his life. When getting hits you also realize how much your body can handle, way much more than you initially thought. Mentally this also made Django feel empowered in his own life.
At the moment his main goal is to advance from amateur to pro levels where he can go further into developing his own boxing style. Django is happy to continue further in his journey as Thomas’ trainee. As he says, he is a trainer that “raises you” almost like a parental figure, he helps you in your development, physically and beyond. He doesn’t just teach boxing lessons, but he also teaches you life lessons. Are you also interested in advancing into higher levels of boxing just like Django? Click here and maybe you can find a training program that fits you!

Boxer Profile:
Name: Nadja
Age: 32
Nationality: Dutch
Originally from: Rotterdam
Occupation: working at insurance company
Level of boxing: Advanced
Years of boxing: nine
Other hobbies (aside from boxing): horse riding


Nadja is one of our long term boxers. We are proud of having her as part of our gym, as she has become one of our most talented female boxers. The very first moments that she started throwing some punches, the love for the sport hit her pretty fast! Back in the days, Thomas’ first gym was located in Ede. A tiny place, still not fully equipped, but a place where devoted boxers came over and over again because of the deep sense of community they felt. Nadja among them, started with simple curiosity and excitement, which turned into a nine year old commitment to the sport. A journey in learning not only the boxing techniques but the life skills required to fully unravel her potential. Thomas is not only training how to punch hard, she says… he trains you as a boxer, as a person. He uses a very holistic approach where you learn how to be strong and resilient as a boxing opponent but also as a person in handling your own life. With the help of Thomas, Nadja slowly realized how the boxing ring can be a reflection of her life. The mistakes you make in life you also make it in the ring. As she says, anger can make us dumb, if you get upset it makes you react in stupid ways. And in boxing you get immediate feedback on it, very direct and clear… you get punched in your nose! You cannot be reactive. Handling these mood rushes in a wiser way, as well as learning how to not take things personal, are the two most valuable lessons she has taken from inside the ring into her life.
As well as many other boxers at All Stars Gym, for Nadja, Thomas is not only her trainer he is also like a second father, he is always concerned with his boxer’s wellbeing. He is very involved and can instantly tell when something is off. If you, as well as Nadja value trainings that go beyond punching, check out our programs. Maybe one of them is for you!

Boxer Profile:
Name: Dennie
Age: 36
Nationality: Dutch, with Indonesian background
Originally from: Wageningen
Occupation: floor manager for exports company
Level of boxing: Intermediate
Years of boxing: started again after many years not sporting
Other hobbies (aside from boxing): cooking and fishing


Dennis is not only multitasker volunteer at All Stars Boxing but also has been a boxer connected to our gym for over twenty years! When he was only thirteen he got “recruited” by Thomas as he was playing around in the streets and making trouble with a group of friends. A group of teenagers who all came from a broken home. When Thomas approached them with the challenge to join boxing trainings instead of spending their afternoons in their usual trouble making, he accepted. Like any other teenager, back then he was dealing with some pent up anger and feeling a bit misunderstood. Once he started his trainings he slowly started learning how to channel this energy out into the fight, but also with the guidance of Thomas he also understood how to hold back into defence mode. A metaphor on how to deal with the troubles of life, he says, learning how to open up and act and when to hold back and close in. Somehow this led him into being more calmed and relaxed outside trainings. The fight also showed him how tough love helps you grow into a better person. If there is no opposition there is no one to show you what to improve. Later on in his life, as Dennie gained some more of this deep wisdom from boxing, he also lost quite some weight! After becoming a cook he was weighing up to 114 kg! In less than three months of boxing again he was back to 80 kg and still able to enjoy the wonders of food.
A genuine story on tough love, Dennie early in his years found in Thomas a father figure, which until now carries on and although trainings as well as life lessons can be tough, he understands the love and care behind discipline in the trainings. If you feel familiarized with this story, and feel the need to box it all out, check out our training programs. Maybe one of them can be for you!

Boxer Profile:
Full Name: Gabriel
Age: 48
Nationality: Dutch, with Spanish background
Originally from: Veenendaal
Occupation: Technician
Level of boxing: Intermediate
Years of boxing: five
Other hobbies (aside from boxing): painting, reading books, and watching documentaries.


Meet Gabriel, he is one of our intermediate boxers at All Stars, part of the group trainings of the Boxing program. A very persistent and driven boxer, one of the All Stars boxers whose life took a dramatic turn when he started with the sport. When we met Gabriel five years ago he was not leading the healthiest lifestyle ever. He was already having serious physical issues, being only in his early forties. The start for him was more challenging than for others, since he was not only learning a new sport but also struggling with his body’s physical condition. It was not easy! Trainings with Thomas, can be intense. And week after week he was feeling the aches of his body adapting to this new sports regime. Soon he realized that if he wanted to keep up, he would have to give up on some of his toxic habits. He stopped drinking alcohol, started eating healthy and adapted his sleeping habits. He started adopting what in All Stars Boxing Gym is known as “life balance”, reaching balance in all spheres of life. Boxing turned out to be not only a sport for him. It helped him realize which life choices where not supporting his best performance and thus his own health. Now a days Gabriel has stepped up his game and trainings for him have become more and more about mastering the technique. Every time he sets the bar higher and higher for himself. Breaking limits in his body and mind. He hasn’t felt in better condition in all his life!
This is why our boxing gym exists… to support boxers on their transformations, not only in their performance, but in training in an integral way. We are proud to be part of Gabriel’s evolving journey as a boxer! If you identify with Gabriel’s story you might be interested in one of our boxing programs. Click here for more information.